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Thermic Fluid Heater



· Multistart concentric coil (pressure part) Fabricated out of seamless pipe to ASTM 304 sch-40 forming three passes in close circuit design.
· outlet Shell of carbon steels enclosing the pressure part, complete the shells facilities.
· Double stage Pressure automatic burner
· One motorized fuel oil pump
· One oil filter
· Oil piping from filter to burner
· Sequence Controller-LOA-24, Fuel Pump or another Thermic Fluid Pump- Ksb or other,Motor-Cromption, Contractors-L & T or equipment, or equipment, Coil-Tata or Jindal Seamless


· One fuel oil pressure indicator at burner inlet.
· Two pressure indicator complete with isolating needle valves on each at the inlet and outlet of thermic fluid heater.
· One temperature indicator cum controller to indicate and control the burner at return the thermic fluid line.
· One temperature indicator cum controller at the outlet of the heater for safety cut of the burner.
· Light dependent resistor (photocell) to monitor the flame ignition transformer.
· Audio-alarms for abnormal operating conditions.
· Power coated, dust proof, prewired control panel housing electric isolator switch, contactor, sequence controller, temperature controllers, indicating lamps, , fuses .


· Inlet and outlet flanges of the main unit.
· Inlet and outlet flanges of thermic fluid pump.
· Inlet of oil filter.
· Flue gas outlet flange on thermic fluid heater.
· Electrical terminal connecting on our control panel, circulating pump motor.

Thermic Fluid Heater



Thermic fluid (hot oil) heaters are used in many industrial applications where efficiency and accurate temperature control between 100 ° C and 350 ° C are required. They work in a way of heating directly Thermic fluid in the pipes with the high temperature smoke. With the help of forced circulation oil pumps, the fluid with low temperature will come back to the heater from the heat-required equipments (like dryers) and is re-heated again. The shell plate is made of Q235-A/B steel plate. The outside insulation is aluminium silicate fibrofelt with thickness of 150mm. The heater is packed by 0.5mm stainless steel sheet. OLYMSPAN has many years experience in this field and we offer can a broad range of products, service and support.

Product Features

· High thermal efficiency, unique structure, general thermal efficiency can reach 90%.
· The proprietary combustion technology and the structure of heating coiler can absolutely avoid the overheat And damage of coilers in common use conditions.
· The top of inner coiler is designed into cone-shape, which can prevent the casting material on the top fall off In high temperature.
· When abnormal conditions happen, safety interlock system starts up to protect the boiler.
· Accurate temperature control. The oil temperature in the outlet can be controlled within ± 1 ° C.
· The compact structure can cover a small working area.
· Easy to install, operate and maintain.

Thermic Fluid Heater



Thermic Fluid Heaters are forced circulation liquid phase heating system. In the system heat transfer media circulated in a closed circuit through heat heater. The same thermic fluid is reheated and recirculated. The combined expansion cum dearator tank system pressureless and vapourless. The unit basically with 3-Pass Construction. The Thermic Fluid Heating system operates near atmospheric pressure and temperature can be achieved as high as 300°C. Heater assembly consists of a nest of concentric helical tube coils place within a sturdy MS shell. The coils fabricated out of seamless tube high temp. Application allow flue pass to ensure maximum heat dissipation.


· Textile · Chemicals
· Plastic & Rubber
· Timber
· Metal Finishing
· Drying Food Industries
· Packaging
· Confectionery
· Printing etc.


· The furnace is constructed from Heavy Duty M.S. Sections and covered with M. S. Sheets on one side of the furnace is provided with necessary doors for husk/wood feeding, Emergency by-pass chimney.
· Heat exchanger is fitted to the furnace.
· The inside of the furnace is constructed with best quality fired bricks & insulation bricks.
· The fire bars manufacture from the heat resisting casting are provided.
· High combustion efficiency.
· Low stack temperature on full load.
· No corrosion or scale formation.
· Efficiency 76% on GCV.
· 60% Benefit fired Diesel/Gas & LDO.
· Low Maintenance.

Thermic Fluid Heater



we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Coal Fired Thermic Fluid Heater. Offered range of heater is manufactured under the supervision of experienced professionals, who make use of quality-approved material and follow the established guidelines of the industry. Along with this, to ensure high quality standards, a team of experts monitors every stage of manufacturing. We also offer these heaters in customized range, so as to match the needs of the customers.


· Optimum functionality
· Heat resistance
· Longer service life
· Low maintenance