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Hot Water Generator


Hot water Generator                  : 1 Unit.

The Hot water Generator is fully forced circulation type heater assembly and consists of shell and tube type heat exchanger. It ensure optimum heat transfer.Thus minimum cleaning and optimum heat transfer is always ensured.

Mono Block Circulation Pump          : 1 Set.

DBEW would supply specially designed high temperature monoblock water pump with adequate electric motor for carrying out the circulation of Water .


The Imported Mono Block HSD fired burner( On-Off type) suitable for Hot water generator fully automatic pressure jet burner.

OPERATION CONTROL PANEL.                  : 1 Set.

SBIPl would supply dust proof control panel fabricated out of M.S.sheet and consisting of isolator switch, temperature controller cum indicators (inlet/outlet), and electrical switch gear. (SIEMENS/L&T/ABB or any standard co. make, indicating lamps etc..


Chimney and ducting.
All insulation wherever required.
Any other items which is not specifically mentioned in our offer.
Oil Tank and water tank
Inter connecting oil / Water piping

Hot Water Generator



Gas Fried Hot Water Generators model "DHG" are offered in various sizes. These units are extremely eficient, because of three pass design. This generator is a safer and economical system which delivers hot water much faster than any other system. It's most ideal usage includes hotels, hospitals, residential complex, laundry, dairy industries, etc., where continuous hot water supply is essentially required.


· Enhanced Engineering Design With Optimum Technology.
· Optimum Heat Transfer Hence High Efficiency Of 90 %.
· Elegant Control Panel With High End Safety Features.
· Quality Assured Manufacturing.
· Anti Drip Imported Burner Hence High Combustion Rate.
· Precision Wound Coil.
· Continuous Supply Of Hot Water Upto 90°c, Round The Clock.
· Enhanced Safety With Burner Cut-off For Flame Failure, High Water Temperature, High Stack Temperature & No Water Conditions.

Hot Water Generator



The Hot Water Generator for Solid Fuel Fired is suited for various industries across India and abroad in the rapidly changing and undependable energy environment. DBE's generous design of vertical heaters coupled with integral furnace gives you an assurance of the rated output on any solid fuels without compromising on performance. It is a safer and economical system which delivers hot water much faster than any other conventional system.


·Optimum functionality
·Heat resistance
·Longer service life
·Low maintenance